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Greeted by URI

Holly moved here from Nebraska. Not only to escape the winter. But the Texas sun was a nice perk. And she was looking forward to what she lovingly calls her tiny home. It’s actually not that tiny. And has a nice porch and yard to enjoy the outdoors. But instead of being able to enjoy a sunny Texas, she was greeted by Uri - and trapped in a hotel without power and only cold water. For more than a week. What should have been the walk through her new home, was cut short by ice and frosted windows more than a week ago. But today - in beautiful sunshine - we got to close on her new Texas house. She gets to spend her first night at home. And she even got a hot shower. I am so happy for her and her family. And excited to have been able to help another buyer find a beautiful home. Howdy and good night!



How Can I Help You?

If you would like to know more about my services, or if you'd like to hear about the local market, please give me a call at 512-571-7251 or contact me.

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