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Happy New Year!

2021 was the year when many people thought as a real estate agent we get rich by doing nothing. Houses are selling themselves. It was also the year in which I worked harder than ever before. And besides a lot of successes, also had lots of frustrations. When you can’t help your clients who are suddenly priced out of the market because a quarter of $1 million is nothing anymore. When your clients spent weeks on builders’ waitlists only to find out that they now have to bid on the home or their dream home has gotten too expensive.

But there were also a lot of happy moments: Kids picking out their rooms, young couples buying their first home, old couples buying their first home, clients selling to start a new chapter in their life overseas, clients leaving to be closer to family, clients selling to get into an RV and travel the country…. These moments make it all worthwhile.

While preparing for 2022, I came across some fun statistics of my business year 2021:

Youngest client: 3 weeks old Oldest client: 65 years old.

cats moved: 6 dogs moved: 13 chicken (and the most delicious eggs) not moved, but sold: 5

Worked with clients from - 5 continents - 16 countries - 13 US states

17 first time homebuyers 27 kids got to pick out their new room

Worked with 13 builders. Pairs of shoes gotten completely muddy on construction sites: 6

Baby photos received: 11

35 homes and lots sold 4 homes rented

farthest away: 121 miles closest: 1 mile

Husbands that have been patiently listening to countless stories, lived through the ups and the downs with me and were there for the good and the bad times: 1 very strong one.

Supportive family members, friends, clients and business: countless

Thank you so much for your support! Have a healthy and happy 2022!

Attached a few homes I had the pleasure of selling this past year.


How Can I Help You?

If you would like to know more about my services, or if you'd like to hear about the local market, please give me a call at 512-571-7251 or contact me.

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