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What stays and and what goes?

When I came to the United States on an exchange program many many years ago and moved from Texas to Georgia with my host family, I wondered why the previous owners of the home hadn’t taken their curtains with them. And why would we live with their lamps, why didn’t my host parents hang their own lamps? I found it absolutely amazing, that the kitchen was already there and fully equipped with stove, dishwasher and refrigerator. And a microwave! That’s not how it is in Germany. And I learned later that this is also not the way it necessarily is in every state.

So let’s talk about what “stays and goes” in Texas when people sell and buy a home. Generally, everything that is attached to the home stays with the home unless otherwise designated. Meaning the blinds or the curtains and the curtain rods stay with the house. Light fixtures and bathroom mirrors stay in the home. So do built-in book shelfs.

The TV hook up also stays with the house, but the TV since it’s normally just clicked into the hook, goes with the seller. Movie theatre equipment may cause disputes: is the screen attached to the wall? How is it attached to the wall? What about projectors, speakers? It makes sense to take a close look at these items when looking at a home. And to avoid disputes, spell it out in the contract if the seller is going to take them or if buyer wants to keep them.

Fridge, washer and dryer normally go with the seller. A built-in dishwasher, a built-in microwave, and a built-in stove and oven stay with the house. But if these appliances are not built-in, there is room for discussion. Security cameras that are attached to the house and also fancy doorbells stay with the house. So do key pads.

Garden sheds are negotiable. Above ground pools - make sure you discuss them in advance. Equipment, pumps etc for in-ground pools are supposed to stay. Awnings, built-in outdoor kitchens and ceiling fans stay. Big planters and garden furniture go. But your favorite rose bush - if it is planted into the yard or flower bed - has to stay.

Of course, everything is negotiable - and has to be put in writing! But as a seller keep in mind that many buyers fall in love with the home the way they see it. If you want to keep your favorite chandelier or mirror, consider removing/replacing them, before the home hits the market.

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