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Lovely home for lovely family

This is why I do what I do: help families fulfill their dream of homeownership. The last two years were tough though for many, and sometimes it was difficult to help. But it is getting better again for buyers, in spite of higher interest rates.

I met this sweet couple last December at one of my open houses. She was very pregnant. They were in no rush to buy, but wanted to see what’s out there. Competing on the resale market was hard. Homes went for crazy prices, way over asking after multiple offers. Even the "ugly" ones flew off the market. For reasonably buyers it was difficult. And new construction homes below half a million dollars in central areas had tiny yards (and still long waitlists).

And one thing that was really important to my clients was a large yard. So we kept looking and waited patiently. Their little girl is now eight month old. And we just closed on their first home! Thanks to the slowdown of the market, they were even able to buy in their favorite neighborhood. With a large yard and park behind. It is restoring my faith in our profession. And the American dream. My clients are happy, and I am happy.


How Can I Help You?

If you would like to know more about my services, or if you'd like to hear about the local market, please give me a call at 512-571-7251 or contact me.

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